We’re funded!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve raised a $1.1MM seed round to help us expand our funding platform for open-source software.

From our modest start as a hobby in 2004 to our revival as a serious business venture in 2013, we knew that Bountysource was the key to sustained open-source development. By partnering with True Global Ventures, we’ve found an investor that shares in our vision and can give us the support we need.

2013 has seen tremendous growth for us already: we’ve seen open-source projects successfully use our Fundraiser system to solve their problems. We’ve seen corporations such as Adobe, Walmart Labs, and Uber directly support the open-source projects they rely on. We’ve drastically improved and expanded our namesake bounty model — you can find thousands of dollars worth of bounties on projects that use a wide array of issue trackers and technologies. You can even find bounties on our own open-source front end.

We’re bringing together the power of crowd-funding with the proven track record of collaborative software development. We plan on using our funds to grow our team and continue building Bountysource into a vibrant open-source marketplace.

You can read the full Press Release here: Bountysource Raises $1.1 Million for the First Crowdfunding Platform for Open-Source Software Projects [finance.yahoo.com]

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